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The Best Way To Lose Weight

Author:   Carolyn Hansen
File:   best-way-to-lose-weight.pdf

What's The Book About?

Hi, It's Carolyn Hansen here, creator of the Hot Metabolism system.

Do you often find your body weight going in the wrong direction? Most people discover as they grow older that their body weight is constantly higher than they would like.

The good news is that much of this excess weight is accumulated through poor exercise and nutritional practices that we adopt through sheer ignorance of the way our bodies really work.

How would you like to know the FOUR MAIN SECRETS to sustainable fat loss - secrets you can implement to day to begin living a longer, healthier, disease free life?

To learn more about this, simply grab the FREE special report shown to the left, which you can grab right now by filling out the form below.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Secret Of The Hormones
    • Insulin and Glucogon
    • Cortisol and Testosterone
    • Summary
  3. The Secret Of Eating Frequency
    • Eat Smaller Meals More Often
    • Reversing The Evolutionary Imperative To Store Body Fat
    • Summary
  4. The Secret Of Metabolic Exercising
    • Are Those Aerobic Workouts Keeping You Fat?
    • Add Muscle To Build The Metabolic Furnace
    • Summary
  5. The Secret Of Fat Burning Foods
    • Add Protein To Your Plate First
    • Protein Stokes Our Internal Fire
    • Summary
  6. How I Got Into Shape
    • The Turning Point
    • You Can Do It Too

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