What Are Food Cravings?


We have all experienced food cravings from time to time. It may feel like an insatiable urge to have a particular food. It may feel uncontrollable and persistent. A feeling that you have no control over and that you can not stop. Usually associated with a feeling of wanting a particular food that you will do anything to have.

You may have had this feeling, that it is not just wanting the food, but it has to be a particular food and you again will do anything to have it. We all have gone through this. However, some people have this feeling more often, regularly even, it is a feeling that may even control their life to an extent. This is true even with drinks that we may want. These feelings can completely ruin dinner plans and other plans that have been made. We want this certain food or drink so badly, that our body is the one in control and no longer our mind.

What you may not realize that food cravings our directly linked to an unhealthy amount of nutrition in our body. Our body is trying to tell us something. Food cravings are there to help us realize what we are missing within our lives, our bodies. The cravings are trying to fix the problem that has happened. Unfortunately, your body will continue giving you these cravings until you meet the need that it is looking for.

Once the need is met and you rectify the situation, then the craving stops. However, if ignored the craving becomes stronger and stronger until there is nothing else you can think of. Remember, your body is speaking to you, letting you know something is wrong.

These cravings happen because your body is missing essential vitamins and minerals, nutrition that it needs and wants. Many times if our blood sugar levels are low or we’re missing other vitamins and minerals our bodies want high fat and high calories food, to fix the situation. A very quick fix to the problem that your body is experiencing. The lack of essential vitamins such as zinc and magnesium that are found in meat, milk and other similar foods your body needs.

Our body than turns to chocolate or other foods that have similar vitamins and minerals in them. These high sugar, calorie, and fat foods will only exasperate the problem and continue these food cravings that you have happening. The problem persists, especially when you are on a particular diet for health reasons or you are already struggling with weight issues.

Something to keep in mind with food cravings is that once you have the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs and wants, these food cravings will stop. Your body will be healthier and you will have a balanced food diet, versus an unbalanced one filled with high fat and high calories foods, that in the end leaves your body feeling empty. Once you learn how to eat a balanced diet, the cravings will stop.

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