Weight Loss Without Starving Yourself


Losing weight is one of the most difficult things an overweight individual will do. Weight loss is frustrating for many reasons, but one of the main ones being how difficult it is to lose the weight when putting the weight on was a snap. There are thousands of diets – fad diets, detox diets, etc – that advertise instant weight loss, nearly overnight.

Many diet pills guarantee a suppressed appetite – again helping with weight loss. Gyms promise you the perfect body within weeks if you will fork over a couple months worth of paychecks. (Please don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with a gym membership, but you do not need to sign over your life.) None of this is necessary, as a matter-of-fact, the majority of diets and diet pills are unhealthy – bad for you.

With new research and a bit of common sense, it has been noted that losing weight – while timely – is as easy as opening your eyes. Take a baby step into your weight loss and look at what you eat on a daily basis. Not how much you eat, but what you are eating. Inventory your daily food intake for a week.

If you are overweight or have recently gained weight, your weekly inventory is likely to show you that you eat more than you realize and the foods you eat are saturated in fats and processed sugars – both of which are the leading causes to obesity. (There is no need to eliminate your entire fatty intake; your body actually needs a little to survive.)

Analyzing your food intake is a difficult thing for most people to do. You may realize you are overweight or simply want to lose a few pounds, but you don’t want to admit that it is your fault that you need to. This is perfectly normal, but the only way to succeed is to realize there is a problem and you – very well – are the cause. Don’t let this get to you, after all, you’re the only one who has control over yourself – this is a very good thing. This means that you can control and change what you are eating and how much you are eating.

So, now that you have analyzed your food intake, and are in full control of your eating habits, it is time to start losing weight. Simply put smaller portions on your plate, eat slower, and eat more frequently throughout the day (say 5-6 times a day). The combination, of these three eating habits, will increase your metabolism, which in turn will increase the amount of fat your body burns; hence, weight loss!

Exercise is another key point to losing weight. Yes, you can lose weight by simply changing the way you eat, but exercise builds muscle, and keeps your heart and overall health in check. Plus – it too will increase your metabolism.

Stay away from fad diets; stick with eating healthy! Start eating a diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, poultry, and fish and you will begin to lose weight and become healthier!

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