The Secret to Weight Loss – and How To Maintain It


Actors, actresses, and models give us a false view as to what we are supposed to look like – mostly for women but it does occur with men too. Because of the way most of these people look, and our society, we think we should all fit into a size 0. Constantly telling yourself that you’re fat, trying every new fad diet out there, and filling yourself full of diet pills, will never get you to where you should be to be healthy – let alone the size of a toothpick.

It is natural to look at these celebrities and desire to be like them, but what we forget is that it is better for us to focus on being healthy rather than being skinny. Focusing on becoming skinny will actually have the adverse affect on a person; plus skinny isn’t where anyone should be, thin or healthy are much better options.

There really is no secret to losing weight and keeping it off other than eating healthy meals, getting regular exercise, and not putting yourself down. The absolute worst thing you can do to yourself is beat yourself up. This creates a low self-esteem, which can lead to depression, which turns into emotional and comfort eating. Regardless of weight, this is unhealthy!

As for eating healthy foods and exercising – these are the only two things you can do to lose weight and maintain it once it is gone. Calorie intake and burning will be more excessive, in the beginning, when you are trying to get the weight off. Simply lower your calorie intake – but not to the point where you are starving your body – and exercise enough that you are burning enough calories to actually lose weight. (Every activity you do burns calories, including sitting on the couch. As long as you burn more calories than you intake, you will lose weight.) The best way to do this is implement an exercise program that includes cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

After you have gotten to a healthy weight, continue to eat a low calorie diet, and exercise enough to counteract your calorie intake, and you will maintain your newfound weight. That is the only secret, focus on being healthy, NOT skinny. Eat healthy foods, avoid snacks that are high in sugar and fat, and exercise on a regular basis.
So yes, there really is not secret. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and you will lose weight and be able to maintain it once you have.

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