Our Overall Wellness Benefits When We Exercise


People exercise to maintain good physical appearance, have more energy to carry out daily tasks and leisure activities, sleep better, be able to eat nutritious foods without worrying about weight gain, reduce the risk of serious disease or illness and, enjoy the feeling of being physically fit and possessing good health.

Consider the fitness truths listed below as these statements are what physical fitness and exercise is all about and there is absolutely nobody that wouldn’t benefit from it. Fitness exercise is for everyone even if you have never been very active before in your life. Not having the ability to be athletic is not what is important, reaching a point where you become the best YOU can be, is.

The truth about strength and fitness:

• Your body was made to be active and cannot handle the stress of sitting and standing all day.
• Your body thrives on activity and is more able to function at its full potential when strong and fit.
• You need to use energy to gain higher energy levels.
• Fit people tend to be happier and feel good about themselves and their lives.

In the past good health meant only an absence of disease or illness. Today we define health in terms of physical, mental and emotional wellness throughout our lifespan. The health, fitness and medical experts now regard proper exercise, practiced on a regular basis as essential for achieving and maintaining good health.The increasingly popular word wellness is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction.

It is the big picture as to how satisfied you are with yourself and your life. Along with the physical benefits of exercise most people experience an emotional boost or “high” directly related to the physical results they see from working out. They soon notice weight loss, toned muscles, or a leaner, sleeker shape and simpler feel better because they know they look better.

Other people experience an improved mood and an inner sense of well-being as a result of taking control of their health by incorporating exercise into their lives, and sticking to their fitness plans. They also benefit from an increase in self-esteem and the higher your self-esteem, the better your overall mood.

Exercise is good for you on so many levels. Consider incorporating it into your life so you can improve your health, look good, and feel good, too.

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