New Better Ways To Lose Weight


Up until now if we wanted to lose some weight we would go on a diet, throw in some “fat burning” exercise like walking, jogging or cycling and wait until the excess fat disappeared.

Well, we know now that this method is not working with two thirds of the world’s population overweight or obese. These out dated methods of losing body fat have been around since the 1980’s and it is time to bring weight loss out of the dark ages.

With a general lack of physical activity in our technology driven lifestyles most people get very little opportunity to get any real exercise over the course of the day. The end result of this is that our metabolic engine downgrades to a smaller version that burns less fuel.

This is the real cause of the overweight and obesity time bomb. This downgrade to a smaller engine size does a whole lot more than allow excess body fat to accumulate. It causes the weakening of muscles, bones and all our of body systems including the immune system exposing one to increased risk of illness and disease.

This whole situation is very easily reversed; a proper exercise program that includes mostly strength training exercise is what it takes. This type of exercise will restore the metabolic engine size back up to what you had when you were younger and more active so you can burn more fuel (calories) every minute of the day and night.

Research has now given us the knowledge that what happens after the exercise session I over is actually far more important for weight loss and health benefits that what happens during it. Cardio or recreational type activities will not restore a diminished metabolism only strength training will do this.

Obviously we are not born with this knowledge but as with everything we can learn the new ways to get the most from our exercise program.. It is recommended that you seek the help and guidance of a fitness professional so you can fast track your results.

The emphasis in the future will be on proper exercise that stimulates hormones (the chemical messengers) which give instructions to the cells and tissues and are responsible and are the key to whether body fat is used for energy or stored as excess. Once we get our body in the right chemical balance the stored body fat will just melt away.

Come and join the new revolution in weight loss and optimal health benefits and discover the new ways to exercise. Start your strength training program and experience life changing results with excess body fat loss, increased energy levels, health improvement and a strong, lean, slim healthy body. That is what you really wanted isn’t it?

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