Lose Weight With a Lifestyle Change


Focusing on your overall health and thriving to be healthy is the only way you can lose weight – successfully. Knowing that you are overweight, telling yourself that you need to lose weight, and beating yourself up for it – will only lead to temporary losses of weight. There is not motivation or strive to be better with this type of thinking. The lack of this motivation leads to temporary solutions, not permanent results.

The key to weight loss is overall healthiness. Weight loss programs, diet pills, and other weight loss tactics, are all about losing weight now. There is nothing, in these programs or pills that teach you to change your lifestyle long term and permanently. In order to lose weight, and actually keep it off, you must change the way you eat and your overall physical activity – hence the lifestyle change.

Do not let this scare you. You do not have to make this lifestyle change overnight. After all, it took you time to create the lifestyle that you currently have; it is going to take time to create a new one.

Begin by setting some goals for yourself. Be realistic with these goals, do not make them impossible to reach, but don’t make them too easy either. Some good ideas for your long term goals are as follows:

1. Replace all snacks with low-fat snacks or fruit
2. Eliminate snacking times that occur out of boredom or stress (i.e. every night, before bed, some people munch on chips – stop this habit)
3. Begin a cardiovascular workout (increasing intensity and number of workouts over time)

*These goals will vary based on current lifestyles. Some people will have many more, and some may just have these three. Do NOT get discouraged if your list is much longer.

These are just a few examples of goals. You should set a date for each goal. You should also place these goals in a place where you will be reminded in a positive manner. As you reach each goal, reward yourself. Your goals should bring you to a place where you are exercising regularly and eating nutrient filled foods. Foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, and meats are ideal for a healthy lifestyle. A combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training is perfect for an exercise program.

Remember, creating a healthy lifestyle will take time. The end goal is to become healthy from the inside out. This type of lifestyle will not only help you lose weight, but will help to prevent many detrimental diseases. Within a short period, you will begin to feel better, about not only yourself, but your overall physical health as well.

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