Healthy Life-Long Journey


There are many alternatives available – in today’s market – that will assist you in losing weight. You have many options like diet pills, weight loss programs, special weight loss meals, and diets galore. The amount of weight that you need to lose is the #1 variant as to which road you should take. (Notice that we are talking about the amount of weight that you NEED to lose, NOT what you want to lose.)

One of the most important key factors, to beginning a program that involves dieting and diet pills, is that it is a temporary fix to get you started! First things first, diet pills should only be taken if you are considered to be overweight based on your body mass index (or BMI) – NOT based on what you think they scale should say when you stand on it. Since many online BMI scales are inaccurate, let’s base overweight on a doctor actually telling you so.

If your doctor has told you that you are overweight, or if you have a good grasp on weight and height, and know that, you are 30+ pounds over what you should be, then diet pills are a good start.
At this point, diet pills may assist in curbing your appetite to a manageable level. (Read the labels, most diet-pill bottles will tell you to follow a proper eating and exercise program for best results. If this is not the case – do NOT take these pills.) Diet pills are not healthy if they are designed to make you lose weight without watching what you eat or without exercising.

Diet pills are designed to help curb your appetite. It has been proven that the best eating ritual, throughout a given day, is 5-6 small meals a day. Diet pills can help you eat smaller portions, while you will have to ensure proper amounts of nutrients and meals.

Portions play a big role in weight loss! Many people never dieted – or stopped what they were eating – and still lost weight. They did this by simply cutting down their portions, and stopping themselves when they were full – regardless of how good the food was.

So, if you do take diet pills, to give you a jump-start, make a goal – for yourself – as to when you will wean yourself off the pills. You will want to get off the pills prior to losing all of the weight. A recommended end date would be after you have a set eating and exercise plan that you have stuck to for one week.

Your exercise plan should consist of 20-30 minutes of cardio / strength training and your eating plan should consist of multiple small meals throughout the day (preferably foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, etc).

Once you can stick to this plan, you have proven – to yourself – that you can become healthy and lose weight without the assistance of diet pills! Take yourself off the pills, and continue your eating and exercise program. Your metabolism will begin to speed up, helping you to burn excess fat – you will start losing weight if you have not already. You have just begun a life long journey to becoming – and staying – healthy!

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