Give Your Body What it Needs to Stay Healthy


Our bodies have their own way of communicating with us. Some individuals are lucky enough to understand what it is that their bodies need, and they have the discipline to feed it as such. Others – the majority of the population – are unaware of what their bodies are attempting to communicate. This lack of understanding, or knowledge, is what causes most humans to attempt to satisfy their bodies by gratifying the random cravings they have.

As we’ve all heard – a million times – knowledge is power. When it comes to your body, the way you eat, and what your body needs, knowledge and education are the only things that can help everyone understand and begin to break some of the horrible habits they may have created – food cravings are no different!

When your body is telling you that it’s hungry, or craving a particular food – one that you know may not be healthy – your body is actually attempting to tell you that you are lacking one of many different nutrients or chemicals. Because many lack the bodily knowledge needed, we fill these communication gaps with non-substantial – temporary – substances. These substances may quiet your body for a few moments, but they are not truly feeding your body in the way that it needs to stay healthy.

Continuing to eat – binge – in this manner can have severe side effects on any given individual. Many experience severe mood swings, hormonal imbalances, depression, and much more. It’s common to think that these emotional imbalances are coming from other aspects of your life, or even genetics, but what everyone needs to know is that the foods you are eating could be more of a cause than anything you have ever learned or known.

Adult diabetes – for example – is not recognized until, obviously, adult hood. This could be a genetic disease; however, look at the key word – adult. So, you go through your whole life without diabetes, eating as you please, satisfying random food cravings, to suddenly realize, as an adult, you’ve contracted diabetes. If you had learned, at a younger age, how to properly listen to and feed your body, your chances of contracting adult diabetes may have been eliminated or severely lessened (meaning a less severe case).

Listening to these food cravings, and fulfilling them, is not only harmful to your emotional and physical state, but to your overall health as well. Lessen your risk of severe complications, from improper nutritional supply, and read to see what you can do to properly communicate and feed your body what it needs to stay healthy.

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