Give Your Body What It Needs To Keep Food Cravings At Bay


Food cravings are a habit, formed by our tastes, that has caused our society to binge on fast food – and even junk food. Rather than taking the time to focus on what we are putting into our bodies, individuals are focusing their time, and efforts, on satisfying their needs and cravings, for greasy, fatty, junky foods. As a whole, people crave the foods that they enjoy eating, and will – typically – do whatever they have to fulfill this desire.

These desires are caused by many internal and external factors – varying from hormone imbalances all the way to convenience. Many believe – especially if the cravings are caused by hormonal imbalances – that these cravings cannot be controlled. Rather than attempting to quit a bad habit, we choose to feed our bodily needs. After all, if we want something, why not go after it. There are many unfortunate side effects to allowing ourselves continue this endless cycle.

Hormonal imbalances cause – generally women – you to crave foods that the body does not necessarily need. When this happens, and we feed this desire, it causes an even more severe hormonal or chemical imbalance. This unstable imbalance will lead to more cravings, along with many other horrid side effects like depression.
Rather than filling your body with nutritional foods, you are filling it with a “temporary satisfaction”. This being said, you are never fully satisfying your bodies needs, and actually causing more harm to other aspects of your life.

Consistently filling your body with that “temporary satisfaction” leaves you “hungry” for more. Cravings upon cravings will nearly force you to continue to eat un-nutritional foods that will – in no doubt – send you down an extremely unhealthy path. Too much sugar and carbohydrates can eventually cause diabetes, heart disease, and many other devastating disorders.

When these disorders begin to take over – within your body – it becomes more difficult for you to ignore cravings and train your body to accept the nutrients that it was originally craving. At this point, your body has become accustomed to digesting the “junky” or “fatty” foods, and the cravings will become even more persistent. (Food cravings can be, easily, compared to a bad habit such as smoking – once you’re smoking – it’s extremely difficult to quit – there is no difference here – it is a bad habit!)

If you have found yourself in a “food craving rut” – there is still hope. While it may not be an easy road, you can overcome all of the emotional discomfort this disorder has caused you. Realizing you may have a problem is the first step to curing yourself – find out what you can do to begin to heal your body and learn to conquer these cravings!

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