Food Cravings – Stopping the Habit


Food cravings come from many different sources: stress, trauma, and even habit. As you go through life, facing stressful situations, you form habits as to how you should handle stress. Many people have a nasty habit of eating sugary or fatty foods when they are stressed or depressed.

These types of habits will last a lifetime unless there is a conscious effort made to stop. Wherever your food cravings come from, there is an urgent need to put a stop to them!

Pay attention to your surroundings when you begin to binge on junk food. Are you stressed, depressed, had a rough day at work, or even overly tired? Paying attention to what you eat when you are in different moods is the first step to eliminating horrible food cravings.

Say, for example, you notice that you tend to eat Twinkies whenever you are stressed. Since you now know the problem and the source, you can put a stop to it. Instead of eating a Twinkie the next time you are stressed, go for a walk. This will begin the process of training your body to crave exercise, rather than unhealthy foods, when it is stressed.

Many internal factors also play a role in food cravings. When your body needs particular nutrients, it will begin to crave certain foods. It is; however, easy to mistake this communication of nutrients for a need for sugar. (I had a friend who would eat a candy bar every time she felt weak. It worked for about 30 minutes, sometimes longer, and the feeling came back.

Someone had suggested that she eat foods high in protein when she felt this way. Guess what – it worked!) An easy fix to this miscommunication is to keep a stock of healthy snacks like veggies, nuts, raisins, etc. Whenever you get a craving, fill it with the healthy alternative. You will actually re-train which will help to lessen the food craving attacks that you encounter.

Food cravings can be detrimental to your health. Eating foods that are high in sugar and fat content will go right to your hips. Continuing to listen to these cravings can lead to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other health complications. As you can see, satisfying food cravings can start as an innocent pound or two, but can lead to life threatening complications.

Just like any other habit, it is not an overnight process. You have to train your body how to react to certain situations, in a positive way, and completely erase all of the old habits you had. Rather than allowing yourself to fall into an endless cycle, learn how to begin to curb food cravings today. There is hope, but the sooner you start, the higher chances you have of succeeding.

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