Eliminate Health Risk by Losing Weight


Obesity contains many different health risks, some of which could be fatal. This is a hard thing to hear, especially if you know you need to lose weight, but it is a fact. Losing weight and an ideal weight is not about being skinny or looking like a model. Instead, it is about being healthy and living a healthy life – getting as much out of life as you can get!

Diseases, or complications, that can be caused from excess weight and obesity. Some of these complications are heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Our society does not focus on the consequences of overeating and eating fat and sugar filled foods. Could this be why so many people have become obese and overweight, because we, as a society, are not educated on the consequences?

Let’s look – specifically – at Type-2 Diabetes as an example. Did you know that over 80% of people diagnosed with this type of the disease are overweight? This type of diabetes is caused when the pancreas can no longer produce the necessary insulin to break down the glucose in your blood. The question is did the excess weight cause the disease, or your lifestyle? The two actually go hand-in-hand, living an unhealthy lifestyle will cause weight gain and eventually lead to being overweight, which could then lead to diabetes.

Knowing this, or seeing these consequences in black and white, have forced many to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle over night is not possible; after all, it took a lifetime to get where you are now. However, you can change your lifestyle over a period of time with some solid goals and will to become healthy.

There are some things you can do that will definitely help to get you on the right track to losing weight and becoming healthier. First off, start by cutting down your portion size. There is no need for measuring your food, as many may find that as too much of a hassle. Simple lessen the amount you put in front of you and eat slowly. Eating slow gives your body time to digest the food and let you know when you are full prior to being too full and sick.

Secondly, begin eater more often throughout the day. Make sure you are eating breakfast, as this jump-starts your metabolism; eat a snack before lunch, then lunch, another snack after lunch, and then dinner. The combination of this many small meals will help keep you from getting too hungry and then stuffing yourself.

Finally, implement a personal fitness program into your daily routine. Whether you walk, run, or ride a bike, get at 20-30 minutes of good physical activity every single day.

The combination of these three things will get you on the right track becoming healthy. Before long, you will notice that you have changed your lifestyle, and that this manner of living is second nature to you. Remember, it takes time, do not get discouraged. You and your body deserve the effort!

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