Don’t Let Food Cravings Get In the Way Of Your Weight Loss


Food cravings are caused by many different factors – both in your life and within your body. Ignoring the external and internal causes of these cravings can lead you down a path that could be detrimental to your health, emotional, and / or physical state.

Stress, trauma, and many other external effects can cause individuals to crave foods that do not provide proper nutrients to their bodies – many of these foods are also known as “comfort foods”. There is a grand reason behind the name, these foods – especially when intake is not controlled – are not nutritional and starve your body of what it needs – also causing your body to crave even more. And the cycle continues.

Satisfying these cravings, caused by external circumstances, will – eventually – turn the cravings into an internal cause and effect. As stated above, once your body is starved of proper nutrients, and used to being filled with improper nutrients, it becomes accustomed to this type of eating and these types of foods. Therefore, your body, internally, will begin to send messages – to your brain or stomach – of these same food cravings.

This may sound a bit confusing, but the point is, food cravings, whether externally or internally initiated, will only continue to get stronger as you continue to feed it. Your body needs knows what it needs – nutritionally – and will try to communicate this with you. Not allowing the proper nutrients to satisfy your body can cause severe emotional imbalances, physical and emotional distress, eating disorders, and many other negative effects.

In additional to the imbalances caused by feeding these cravings, there are many health issues – such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many more – that will eventually creep into your life – if they haven’t already.

Learning how to curb these cravings, and how to feed your body properly, is not something you can learn over night – as your body, and how it works, is extremely complicated. However, there are many steps and actions, which you can take, to begin to learn what your body needs, how to feed it, how to ignore certain cravings, and how to feed cravings with the proper foods rather than with temporary fixes.

The longer you allow yourself to listen to the cravings, the harder it will be to begin to ignore them. Find out – today – what you can do to begin to lessen the negative effects of these food cravings!

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