Burn More Than You Eat, or Eat More Than You Burn?


If you are reading this, then you have made the determination that you need to lose weight by means that are more natural rather than buying into all the corporate fad diets and pills – good for you! There is only one way to lose weight, and that is to begin taking care of yourself. No, you will not lose 10 pounds in a week, but you will quickly begin to feel better, giving you the foundation you need to start burning fat like crazy!

There are two ways to lose weight – eat less than you burn or burn more than you eat. Good news – there you can do both at the same time! First, let us tackle the eating less. Your focus here is not to starve yourself, after all, you need food for energy, and without energy, you will never lose weight. What you need to focus on is the foods that you are eating.

Your body needs certain nutrients to process foods and function properly; however, you would need a medical and scientific degree to know, and understand, what each of them was. The best way to ensure that your body is getting these nutrients is to fill yourself on fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and a bit of protein.

Nuts, for example, are a great form of nutrients; however, you actually get more out of them if you soak them for 24 hours prior to eating them – bonus tip. Nuts make for great snacks and even excellent toppings for salads. There are many different kinds of nuts out there so, providing that you mix it up a bit, you should not get to bored. (This same concept applies to fruits and vegetables too – take advantage of the variety!)

So at this point, you are not really eating less, you are actually eating fewer calories. Plus, you are now fueling your body with proper nutrients giving it the ability to function with more energy as it was designed to! Doing just this – changing your diet – could help you to start losing some weight.

Now that you have more energy, you can begin a daily workout program that includes a bit of cardiovascular and strength training – oh yeah, do not forget to stretch before and after. The combination of these exercises will stretch and build your muscles – even your heart – to the fullest capacity giving you the healthiest body you can have; again, helping you to lose weight in the process and for life.

So, eat less than you burn or burn less than you eat – why not do them both at the same time. Yes, the statement is true in order to lose or maintain weight, but if you combine the two processes, you become a stronger, healthier person who can now enjoy a much longer, enjoyable life!


  1. Hard work is essential to loose weight. It is true. This article is mind opening.

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