2 Step Process to Losing Weight Naturally


Everyone is different meaning diets may work on some and not on others, or some people can eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce where others look at food and gain weight. Unfortunately, much of this is thanks to your metabolism and genes. However, you can change your metabolism with three simple steps, and change the way your body processes food! (You can stop gaining weight every time you look at a nice meal!)

Step-1: Start watching what you eat. You cannot eat whatever you want and expect for you internal organs – heart – to stay healthy even though you may not gain weight. Eat foods that are more natural; stay away from processed fatty foods. The best – natural – diet is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (yes, we all learned this in Kindergarten).

Cooking your vegetables on the stove may be what comes easy to you, but steaming them or eating them raw provides much more nutrients – nutrients that you body needs. White bread, you may like it better than whole grain bread, but you and your body will benefit tremendously from the whole grain.

Here is the surprising part, start eating 5-6 times a day rather than 2 or 3. Eating this often – providing you are not stuffing yourself – will help to speed up your metabolism. (Your body never starves for food; therefore, it will not store everything you eat.) You will also start – naturally – eating smaller portions, which is 10-times easier for your body to process.

Step-2: Start exercising, not just on the weekends or once or twice a week. Implement a personal fitness program into your daily routine. Your routine should include 20-30 minutes of your favorite cardiovascular exercise, along with a solid strength training routine.

Cardiovascular exercise holds many advantages for you, one of which is to speed up your metabolism. These exercises raise your heart rate, which over periods of time, will increase the rate at which calories are burnt.

Strength training, as well, will help to speed up your metabolism. Strength training exercises focus on building strong lean muscle. Muscle burns fat and calories at a much higher rate than fat can; therefore, the stronger your muscles the more lean you will be. A final tip to your new personal fitness plan is to get up earlier and work out in the mornings; this will boost your metabolism for the entire day rather than just a few hours!

As frustrating as it may be finding the right diet or determining what will work for you, it really is this simple. Implementing these key ingredients into your daily life will likely take some time, considering you are already in a routine, but it is worth it.

Take the plunge to start changing your food intake and your energy burn routines and you will soon be impressed with your new lifestyle and the way you feel about yourself – you may even decide to go splurge on yourself a bit – reward yourself, you deserve it!

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