You Can Lose Weight Even If It Is In Your Genes


Unfortunately, the genes you inherited from your parents mainly determine your overall weight or body shape. Although, many of the convenient foods you eat – today – also play a big role in weight. Even if your genes determine your physique, you can lose weight and become fit. Whatever you do, do not let your body, family, and friends tell you that you cannot because it’s the way that you were made.

While weight loss may be your number one goal, there was a key phrase in the previous paragraph – become fit. Weight management is about being healthy, strong and fit, not about becoming the ideal body shape or weight. Like everyone else, you have probably seen those informational – or medical – websites that will tell you what you are supposed to weigh for a given height.

So, let’s go back to genes. Think about this, can anyone say you should weigh 120 pounds if you are 5’4” without knowing everything else about you – body shape, physique, muscle mass, hereditary issues, etc. Hopefully logic kicked in here and you realized – possibly for the first time – that there is no such thing as the ideal weight and that you will not weigh the same as your neighbor who is the same height as you.

Now that we have that out of the way, and you are not letting societal figures haunt your thoughts, how can you counteract hereditary weight issues? The answer is to become fit! First off, you will need to begin a personal fitness program. Whether you join a gym or put your own program together, at home, you should work on cardiovascular, strength, and stretching exercises a minimum of every other day. Each of these types of workouts is crucial to a complete body workout and becoming fit.

So, the second thing you’ll need to do is start replacing your foods with natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Start paying attention to nutritional labels – they could save your life. Avoid foods with Trans-fat and limit your saturated fat intake tremendously (you actually need a little bit of fat in your diet so you do not want to eliminate all fats). Also, eliminate processed sugars from your diet; fruits will give you the sugar that your body needs. Natural sugars are actually good for you, not like the processed sugars that are in the majority of foods today.

While you are retraining your body with new eating habits, you will need to cut back on portions and eat more frequently throughout the day. The combination of a new diet, a new approach to eating, and a personal fitness program will – in time – put you at the most fit that you could possibly be – actually making you much healthier than that 5’4 120lb woman down the street.

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