Keeping Up With a Personal Fitness Plan


Whether you are trying to lose weight or are simply focusing on living a healthier life, you must focus on changing your lifestyle. Eating the right foods along with a proper personal fitness plan are the two key changes that you must make. This is not something that will happen overnight, as it has taken you a lifetime to create the lifestyle you currently live. It will take time, which means a discipline and patience on your end.

Once you have created a habit out of a new eating plan, it should be fairly simple to stick to. Occasionally you may have an urge to cheat; however, all you have to do is remind yourself why you are changed your eating habits. The loss of weight is not something that will keep you motivated; the fact that you need to eat better to live a long healthy prosperous life will.

Unfortunately, exercise plans are easier to break. Even after you have created a habit (it takes 2-3 weeks to create a habit) of working out, everyday life and energy levels can – and will – stop your routine. Once a habit, or routine, is broken, it is very difficult to get it back. It is imperative that you keep yourself motivated prior to this happening.
One way to avoid this is to make your personal fitness plan fit nicely into your schedule. So nicely, in fact, that there is never a stress over getting it done. The easier it fits into your schedule, the more likely it will become part of your everyday life – almost like eating – this way you don’t want to miss it.

Don’t make your workouts so difficult, in the beginning, that you burn or wear yourself out. Start slow, you will get to the pace and perfect personal fitness plan for you, but it does take time. You can’t go from not running at all to running 3 miles in 20 minutes. Give yourself time and something to work towards.

Try not to do the same routine every day, change it up a bit. If you run the same mile, every single day, you will get bored very quickly. Whereas, if you alternate your routes, change up the exercises, and alternate days, you are more likely to enjoy your new personal fitness routines. Make it fun; after all, you’re doing this so you have a healthier life.

Remind yourself, on a fairly regular basis, why you are doing this. This will help to make you get up and work out when you are supposed to, along with motivate you a bit. Create a reward system for yourself and make goals. Every time you reach a goal, reward yourself. (Make it realistic and don’t cheat either!) A good example would be that you work out three times a week for four weeks, and if you do this, take yourself to get a massage, pedicure, a new video game, whatever keeps you motivated.

Keeping a personal fitness plan is not easy but breaking it is. Following these simple guidelines should help you to stay motivated and remind you to keep going when you want to take a break or quit. Don’t let outside factors influence you, you are doing this for you and your health – you deserve it!

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