How to Lessen Food Cravings So You Can Lose Weight


Most people know that your body needs – craves – a certain amount of nutrients, in order to function properly, throughout your lifetime. However, what many do not know, is that your body needs specific types of exercise, and particular amounts as well, in order to properly balance these nutrients and process them in a way that allows our body to use them more effectively.

Cardio type exercise is a great way to maintain and strengthen your heart, while keeping you in shape; however, strength training is crucial to ensuring proper functioning of your internal digestive tract. Implementing a strength training program in your daily routine, which consists of at least 60% of your work out, will give your organs – and muscles – the boost it needs to function efficiently!

Whether you’re eating the proper amounts of nutrients or not, your body needs strength training exercise to keep your metabolism functioning at a proper rate. This is the rate that your body burns fuel and will allow your body to burn additional fat, which you may not be able to burn with just cardio programs.

This type of exercise program is crucial to healthy living. The busier your life gets, the more “tempted” you may be to fill hunger sensations with foods that are lacking in proper nutrients. When your body is telling you that it’s hungry, or is craving particular foods, one of two things is happening. You are truly hungry and/or your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs.

By satisfying these needs with the “quick fix” foods, you actually train your body to want this type of food more often – causing and endless cycle in your eating habits. The true depths of how the body works, what type of nutrients it needs, what chemicals it’s lacking, etc, is too deep for this article, but there is a way to counteract the effect these foods may be having on your body.

Whether you are noticing the effects or not they are there. Many symptoms may not show up for years, but unfortunately could lead to diseases as significant as heart failure, diabetes, and more. By satisfying food cravings, you are not only starving your body, but you could be causing detrimental damage as well.

Implementing a proper exercise program into your daily routine, you begin to rebuild the organs and functions within your body, helping you to prevent possible long term effects. Eventually your body will begin to crave the proper foods again, and you learn to listen to body in a way that is beneficial for you both!

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