Food Cravings Are Not Your Fault


The cause of food cravings typically comes from hormonal imbalances – especially in women. As we go through different moods, throughout a given day, we may tend to crave sweet, fatty foods. If you pay close attention, when you crave these foods, you are – most likely – experiencing a down moment. A down moment can include anything from being tired, sad, depressed, angry, or any other emotion that that is considered a downer.

Naturally, when you crave a food, you attempt to fill the craving rather than figure out why you are having a craving. Our natural reaction is to eat if we are hungry, and to give our body what it is asking for, even if we know it is not good for us. Therefore, the fact that you satisfy these cravings has nothing to do with the lack of will power!

At this point, you may be wondering “if this is all so natural, why is it bad for me?” Here is the thing, when your body is craving sugary, fatty foods, it is because it is lacking in certain chemicals. These chemicals are necessary for your body and emotions to function properly. Sugar filled fatty foods give off a small amount of this chemical, which is what makes you feel satisfied. There are two big pitfalls to this.

First off, filling this craving is a temporary fix. You are not actually injecting your body with the proper chemicals; instead, you are masking the lack of chemical with sugar and fat. Secondly, this type of eating, over time, will cause you to lose weight – if it has not already. Regardless of how little you eat, these types of foods will cause your body to stop functioning properly. (For example, your body produces insulin to break down the glucose in your blood stream. Eating a lot of sugary and fatty foods, over time, actually causes this process to stop working. When this process stops working, the likelihood of being diagnosed with Diabetes becomes nearly inevitable.)

As you can see, satisfying these cravings can be detrimental to your health. Filling your body with proper nutrients is the only way to counteract this endless cycle. Eating proper foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, and meats help your body to begin to work naturally again.

The process to ending food cravings is not an easy one, but there is hope. Do not let yourself fall into the rut that many others have fallen into. It is not your fault, and you can stop this type of eating! Find out how you can begin to curb your food cravings today!

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