Food Cravings and the Negative Effects They Have On Your Health


When people think about addictions and cravings, they typically think of drugs, alcohol, and even smoking. What many miss is that food cravings are just as common, if not more so, that drug problems. Fulfilled food cravings – meaning you satisfy these cravings by eating particular foods – can lead to serious health problems later in life. This may sound extreme, but food cravings are just as risky as drug, alcohol, and smoking addictions are.

Food cravings come from multiple different sources, internal mineral and vitamin needs, external factors such as stress, and even simply enjoying a certain food. The unfortunate part of food cravings is that you typically crave foods high in sugar and rich in fat. (This is just the way the body and mind work.) Even if you are only satisfying these cravings once a day, or once a week, you are training your body to eat in this manner. This is what creates a habit and where food cravings become addictive and dangerous.

When your body is lacking in certain minerals and vitamins, it will actually crave different types of foods. Typically, these are foods you are used to eating, that you know will temporarily fix the craving, and that does not actually fulfill the mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Food cravings that come from external causes, like stress or trauma, are generally your comfort foods. These foods are usually rich in carbohydrates, sugar, and fat. When you experience these situations and satisfy the cravings that you have, you – once again – create a habit. Your body will automatically crave fatty sugary foods every time you begin to feel stressed.

Foods that you have eaten, throughout your life, and that you really enjoy, are another source of food cravings. Depending on the person, these cravings could be detrimental to your health or not. If you have trained yourself to eat healthy foods, these cravings will help you. However, the majority of people eat based on convenience, which is unhealthy. As you can see, each of these factors plays a big role in the way that you live your life and the way that you eat.

Here is the problem, this type of eating, over a period, can cause diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or even kidney failure. By the time you have reached this point, the cycle is going to be much harder for you to break as you have already created lifelong habitual eating patterns.

While this is brutally scary, there is hope. Eating proper foods, throughout the day, is just one way to stop the nasty food cravings. Since this is a complicated process, there are multiple different steps and actions to help you lead a healthier life. Find out, today, what you can do to stop your food cravings and help to create a healthy future for you.

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