Fitness and Weight Loss Solutions Will Get Rid Of Belly Fat


If you are carrying a few extra kilos in the form of belly fat you are not alone. In recent years, the number of people who are overweight has increased dramatically in all age groups. Weight loss is the number one fitness goal for millions of people around the world.

While putting on weight in general can have negative effects on your health, gaining weight in your abdomen does more harm than simply making your waistband too tight.
It increases your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, various forms of cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

People tend to put on more belly fat as they get older. While some struggle with their weight their whole life, a lot of people start to notice their increasing waistline in their 30s – and gradually put on more weight as the years go by.

Most people have now heard about this mysterious thing called metabolism and wonder if the cause of their weight gain is because it has slowed down. If you think this you may be only half right. It could be you who has slowed down. This means that your metabolic engine is burning less fuel for your daily needs. The lowered energy needs allow excess fuel (calories) to be stored as belly fat.

The major culprit behind your metabolism meltdown is muscle tissue loss. Your metabolism is nothing more than how much energy – or calories – your body uses. One of the main factors that determine your daily calorie burn is the amount of muscle tissue you have. Inactivity leads to the loss of lean muscle tissue, and inactivity is the primary cause of weight gain.

To reverse this situation fitness and strength needs to be improved with a proper exercise program to stimulate the metabolism for weight loss. This will slowly over time shrink a spreading waist making you look and feel better and giving you more energy. The more toned muscle tissue you have, the more calories you use, round the clock and the more efficient and effective your metabolism will become at burning fat.

That not only helps you lose weight, it helps you keep the weight off. The muscle tissue you will gain will not only speed up your sluggish metabolism, it looks better – it’s firmer, smoother, and more compact than fat tissue. That expanded waistline will soon be whittled back to its slim, trim former size. It comes down to this: your metabolism won’t slow down if you don’t.

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