Fitness and Weight Loss – For a Healthy Body and a Long Life


Many believe that dieting is the only way to shed extra pounds and keep our bodies healthy; however, there are many advantages that strength training will provide you, if implemented into a proper exercise regimen. The advantages that strength training offers are endless, but each and every one will lead to a healthier life, and possibly even a longer life!

Dieting, whether consistent or periodic, starves your body of the nutrients that it needs to survive. Learning the proper nutrients, which your particular body needs, could take a lifetime, but there is plenty of research available to get you moving forward with the essentials – such as a diet made up of whole natural foods. Eating properly gives your body the nutrients it needs. This alone; however, will not give you that youthful, long life that we all dream of.

While you are busy trying to eat properly there is another important thing you can do to begin that journey of an energy filled life. Begin an exercise program that includes strength training. This type of exercise has been proven to be one of the best forms of exercise in anyone’s life.

While strength training, you are – obviously – toning muscle tissue throughout your body. These muscles even include the muscles around your joints – knees, shoulders, elbows, etc. Strengthening these muscles will help hold your joints in place and will take some of the load off the joint itself so you will be less likely to suffer joint pain.

In addition, the muscles that you are making stronger are also becoming leaner – strong muscles are lean muscles. The stronger your muscles, the stronger the skeletal structure, the stronger your overall body is. A strong body is also a disease proof one which reduces the risk of contracting a life threatening disease or illness. As your body becomes stronger you also become more confident and energetic, two key factors to living a healthy, sustainable life.

As you are strengthening your core muscle groups, your body begins to crave proper nutrients – once again. Because of the regimen that you have now put into place you suddenly become more aware of what your body needs, and begin to eat foods that are not nearly as detrimental to your future health.

As if this isn’t enough to make you want to begin your exercise program, all of the above advantages lead to many others that, again, will continually build on the fundamentals. Implementing a proper exercise program into your daily routine, will begin to change your life in ways you never imagined!

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