Cleansing Your Body the Detox Way


Detox diets are designed to rid your body of the nasty toxins that build up over time. They are not designed; however, for weight loss or as a permanent solution to weight loss. These programs are somewhat comparable to diet pills – they are a temporary solution to a weight problem. On the other hand, if your body truly has a toxic build up that is stopping it from functioning properly – a detox diet is the way to go.

People hear the word diet and assume this is a way to lose weight. I am not saying that you will not lose a few pounds. Everybody is different and your weight loss, from a detox diet, is dependent upon several different variables – all of which are specific to you. Regardless, detox diets are to flush your body of unnecessary toxins – not to lose weight. Any weight loss is a bonus.

If you are considering a detox diet, research the topic extensively. There are multiple diets available, some of which can be truly harmful to you and your body – these are the ones that usually promise the most weight loss. The best detox programs are those that encourage proper and healthy eating.

Think about, if you are eating raw vegetables, fruits, and oats – for a detox diet – it will not harm your body. In fact, this will give you a good start to eating the way your body needs it to. (This type of diet, with protein, is ideal for weight loss and healthiness.)

Other detox diets focus on organic foods. If you are eating – rather than starving your body – and filling it with organic foods, you – again – are not harming yourself. After all, you are simply feeding your body the nutrients it needs with pure foods – eliminating the intake of toxins.

There are even some detox programs that include green juices. Barley juice is a great example of this. Drinking greens a few times a day helps to eliminate the amount of toxin in your body. An added bonus, like the other programs discussed here, is that you do not stop eating.

Living a healthy life consists of eating properly and exercising. If a detox diet leads you away from this, it probably is not a healthy plan for you. If you are set on detox diets, focus on the ones that do not force you to starve yourself.

It is also important to remember that these are not weight loss programs. You will probably lose a few pounds, but the point is to cleanse your body – not to become skinny.

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