Causes of Food Cravings


Food cravings can happen to anyone. Depending on the circumstances, food cravings that are uncontrollable and can persist for hours or even days can be caused for a few different reasons. Keep these in mind if you are having problems with food cravings and look to see if there is anything you can change in your diet to end this problem.

Because, again food cravings usually are due to a lack of essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Once we full fill these needs, the cravings stop. However, if they are full filled with quick fixes they will occur again. Here is what to look for in your own diet to determine the root of your food craving problems.

• Imbalances in your blood sugar: many times having low blood sugar can create food cravings. If you do not eat often enough or have gone to long without eating, this is especially true while dieting and special low calorie diets. These blood sugar imbalances are caused by the constant dieting, meaning your blood sugar is going up and down like a yo yo. Your body wants stability and may begin craving foods that your body is lacking in an attempt to create that balance. Low fat diets exasperate the problem, since your body is receiving even less of what it needs.

• Excessive dieting: again excessive dieting can cause food cravings. Your body is lacking so much because you are trying to lose weight, that many times the harder you try to lose weight the more your body rebels against you and craves all the foods that you should not be eating. Essentially many of the diet plans have you eliminate many foods that are high in nutritional value and your body needs. Without these your body begins craving other foods to replace them and the diet fails. Good diets do not have you eliminate essential vitamins and minerals that you need.

• Emotional stress: while under stress, depression, and even boredom, turning to food to substitute and cover up these feelings commonly happens. Needing particular foods to the point of binge eating can become a very serious medical condition and seeking the help of a professional becomes absolutely necessary.

• Changes in hormones or hormone imbalances: for women craving certain foods can happen the strongest around the time they will be having their menstrual cycle. Also, during pregnancy the urge for strange or different foods becomes even stronger, due to hormones changing and what the body needs has changed as well.

• Undernourishment even occurs when you are overweight: many times the foods you are eating are not delivering the nutrients your body needs. We all may have an affinity to sugary or salty foods and thus our body wants those more and more. However, a diet high in these types of foods offer empty calories, our body gains weight as it desires these foods more and more to get the few nutrients it can.

• Starving ones self: whether you are eating little to nothing or you are suffering from malnutrition, both have the same effect. You desire and crave foods that are empty and will only lead to additional cravings. Your body is craving foods that again will give a quick fix to the problem the body is having. However, these cravings will not end and continue on until the body actually begins receiving what it needs.

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