At Last! – Two Proven Methods to Get Your Legs Looking “Hot”


It would be fair to say that 99% of women would like slim, toned shapely legs. Even if our legs already look great we still need to work on them to keep them that way. Female legs look best when the muscles are firm and there is only a thin layer of body fat under the skin. So it is a two pronged approach that will achieve this.

While there are many exercise programs that claim they will give you perfect legs in reality to obtain great results the legs as well as the rest of the body need the right program that includes the right type of exercises.

1.) Strength training – Make sure that the exercise program that you choose to do includes strength training exercise. This is the only type of exercise that will make a difference to your metabolism. This is the new proven way to reduce body fat from your legs along with the rest of your body.

The muscles in the legs are the biggest in the body and respond well to being worked fairly intensely. Aerobic type exercise does not work these muscles with enough resistance through a full range of movement to make much of a difference to the metabolic rate.

This is the amount of calories (fuel) that your body burns every minute of the day. By raising this through strength training exercise you will crank up your fat burning furnace. Fat is burned in the muscles so this is where your excess fat and flab will disappear too.

2.) Eat small meals – To give you the energy to be able to exercise with enough intensity to make a difference to your metabolism it is very important that you eat enough high quality, preferably unprocessed food. Small meals around 300 calories eaten every 2-3 hours will not only support your exercise program but help to speed up your metabolism as well. Make sure you include around 20 -30 grams of protein at each meal for best results.

If you find it hard to get your head around eating all this food – tell yourself “I have to eat to lose fat”. Remember dieting doesn’t work and it is time to bury this very old fashioned, harmful and soul destroying way of trying to live your life. Keep focused on the idea of burning off body fat rather than starving it off which can never build you a strong, lean and healthy body.

If you follow these proven methods to sculpt not only your lower body but your whole body you had better get ready to make heads turn the next time you walk down the street.

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