A Dieters Dream – Eating to Lose Weight


Dieting – for years – has been known as starving yourself to lose weight, in turn – gaining the weight back when you start eating normal again. Not only is starving yourself detrimental to your health, but putting the weight back on – well we all know is detrimental emotionally. You may think that you are not starving yourself when you are on a diet, but you are.

Your body needs a certain amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order to function properly, most diets – and yes even fad diets – do not feed your body enough of these minerals! When it gets down to it, dieting in the manner that is being advertised everywhere today – is pointless and a waste of time!

The question stands, do you need to eat less to lose weight? Yes, but that does not mean less food, it means less calories and fat. The rule of thumb, for weight loss, is that you must burn more calories than you consume. This means you can watch what you eat, exercise more aggressively, or do a combination of both.

Today we are going to focus on consuming fewer calories than you are today. First things first, cut down your portion sizes. Regardless of what you are eating, put less in front of you – this lessens the temptation to eat it even after you are full. Secondly, eat much slower than you are used to. Eating slow allows your body to process the food that you are eating and tell you that you are full before you are beyond that point. Finally, eat more often throughout the day. This allows you body to keep from getting hungry, meaning it has a constant source of energy, which will raise your metabolism, which helps you to lose weight!

So yes – you can eat more often and still lose weight – this is actually the best and most successful way to lose weight, and it is good for you and keeps you healthy! In addition to eating more often, eating smaller portions, and eating slower, you will want to watch your fatty and calorie intake. (No, you do not want to completely eliminate fat, you body needs a little.)

What you do need to watch is the Trans fat in the foods that you eat along with serving size calories – become an expert on nutritional labels. You need to ensure that you are consuming less calories than your are burning each day. (You naturally burn calories with daily activities like walking, typing, cooking, etc.)

Here are some helpful hints for cutting back on calories without starving yourself:

• Eat Italian ice instead of ice cream
• Eat yogurt instead of pudding
• Eat oatmeal instead of eggs
• Eat whole grain breads instead of white
• Drink water instead of soda or sweet tea

Start yourself on your new eating plan today – it will be second nature within 2-3 weeks. By simply eating smaller portions, less fat, and more frequently, you will lose weight. Weight loss will vary based upon the amount of fat you are currently consuming, and how much weight you need to lose, but do not fret – you will lose weight!

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