The Best Weight Loss Diet is a Healthy Diet

If you do a search, in Google or other search engines, for “best weight loss diet”, you will find hundreds of links and diets all claiming to be the best. Unfortunately, most of these diets starve … [Read more...]

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Losing weight is not about dieting. It is not about starving your body of food. It is not about exercising until you can no longer stand up. It is not about criticizing yourself until you can no … [Read more...]

Discover New Methods for Losing Weight

Many people believe that if they start exercising they will become hungrier and tend to eat more and fear that they will put on weight due to the fact that they will be consuming more food. What they … [Read more...]

Food Cravings – Stopping the Habit

Food cravings come from many different sources: stress, trauma, and even habit. As you go through life, facing stressful situations, you form habits as to how you should handle stress. Many people … [Read more...]