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Outsmart Your Hunger

Author:   Carolyn Hansen
File:   outsmart-your-hunger.pdf

What's The Book About?

Hi, It's Carolyn Hansen here, creator of the 21 Days To Healthy Eating system.

Many people want to eat healthy but they face two obstacles that they find difficult to surmount. First, they are constantly tempted by the poor food choices that are easily available to them and are so easy to give in to when hunger strikes. Second, they really do not understand what makes one food source healthy and another not.

To surmount these obstacles you need to educate yourself, at which time you will find it MUCH EASIER to Outsmart Your Hunger.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. So What Exactly Is This Thing We Call Hunger?
    • Surprise - There Are TWO Types Of Hunger
      • Normal physical hunger
      • Hormone driven hunger
  3. Malnourished In The Age Of Plenty?
    • Emergence Of The Jumbo-Sized Appetite
    • Harmful Food Additives That Mess Up Our Hunger Signals
      • The biggest villain of them all - Trans fat
      • Watch out for this evil sweetener - HFCS
    • Be On The Watch For These Nasty Items
  4. A Newly Discovered Hunger Hormone
    • Out Of Control Hunger Comes From Signal Disruption
    • How To Regain Control Over Hunger, Lose Weight, And Restore Health
    • Forget About DIETING
    • Getting Off The Merry Go Round - The Closest We Can Ever Get To Effortless Hungerless Weight Loss
    • Summary
  5. How I Got Into Shape By Eating Healthy
    • The Turning Point
    • You Can Do It Too

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