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Special Blood Sugar Report

Author:   Carolyn Hansen
File:   special-blood-sugar-report.pdf

What's The Book About?

Hi, It's Carolyn Hansen here, creator of the Fat Loss For Keeps system.

We all know that gaining weight is not good for us, but what you are probably not aware of is that those extra pounds of excess body fat may literally be making you old before your time.

In fact new research reveals tell-tale signs in the white blood cells of accelerated aging when weight gain or insulin resistance is present. But you can control this excess aging by learning how to modulate your blood sugar levels.

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Table of Contents

  1. New research discovers the importance of balanced blood sugar levels
  2. Highly processed foods are most of the problem
  3. High insulin levels cause fat around the midsection
  4. Take heed of the early warning signs of diabetes
  5. Trouble could be brewing inside us
  6. Are symptoms of pre diabetes making you age faster than you need to?
  7. Stable blood sugar is the key to longevity
  8. No cure only prevention
  9. The simple solution
  10. Strength training exercise for protection
  11. Get the eating part right as well
  12. It is all up to you
  13. Learn More

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