Lose Weight? – This Is The Type Of Exercise You Must Do


So many people think that to lose weight they must spend countless hours doing some sort of low level activity like walking, cycling or some cardio machine like a cross trainer while spending little to no time strength training. Well, have I got news for you and this latest news will allow you to stop running around in circles trying to lose body fat and not getting the results you desire.

It is time to update your exercise program and redefine your fitness goals using the latest information – based on scientific research – about what you really need to not only lose weight but also to become stronger, fitter and healthier.

Lose weight with proper exercise

To get to the bottom of why proper strength training exercise will help you lose weight quicker than any other type of exercise let’s turn to our body composition (muscle/fat ratio). Without enough muscle building and maintaining activity we lose muscle tissue at the rate of one half pound a year which reduces our fuel (calorie) burning capacity and this is how we become more overweight with each passing year.

As our modern world becomes more sedentary more of us are becoming overweight. This number is reaching to almost two thirds of us and that number is increasing as there is not enough muscular exertion in our daily lives anymore. Combine that fact with us eating the wrong types of foods and too much of them and we have a major health problem.

People who do become overweight often claim they have a slow metabolism and that is why they cannot lose weight. And they are most likely correct. The greatest thing you can do to not only lose weight but to keep it off for the long haul is rebuild and re-tone your fat burning mechanism – your muscular system.

Your muscles are where fuel is burned for energy and if they are allowed to become weak and flabby they simply cannot burn up the energy from the food you eat as their energy requirements have become so low. When you increase your muscle tone with proper strengthening exercise you increase your metabolism (your body’s engine) and this is how you will burn more fuel every minute of the day and night and it is also how you will lose weight and keep it off.

You don’t even need a lot of exercise if it is the right exercise and done with the right intensity (degree of effort used). Just 2-3 sessions each week done properly and a bit of effort put in will go a long way to revving your metabolism back up and get it working for you to help you lose weight.

It is important to remember that long duration, low intensity activities cannot do this so don’t waste your time doing them. Put that time into your proper strength training program is your goal is to lose weight. You will hardly notice the difference in your muscle size so don’t worry that you will get ‘big’ as you won’t.

It is the fat on your body now that is making you ‘big’ and that is what you need to get rid of if you want to lose weight and get your slim trim body back.

Think of your muscles as your very best friends, working away like factory workers chewing into that excess fat weight not only when you are being active but when you are resting or sleeping as well. Your muscle when toned and firm gives off heat and requires a lot of fuel (calories) to maintain this heat.

The modern way to lose weight

We used to believe that to lose weight we had to burn calories during an exercise session but now we know we need to do the type of exercise that gets us burning  more calories after the session is over which is a more permanent solution to lose weight. And this is why we address the conditioning of our muscles as they are the main driver of our metabolism.

Get this system back into tip-top fat burning condition and you can put your overweight porblem behind you. After just a few months of strength training exercise you will be delighted to see a stronger, leaner, better shaped and healthier body emerge that no amount of low intensity activity can ever give you.

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