2 Top Exercise Mistakes Women Keep On Making


Most women are looking to achieve the same or similar fitness goals, improve fitness, get stronger, zap body fat, boost metabolism and look and feel their best. You would think they would want these benefits in the shortest possible time. Yet, so many of them are continuing to use methods that work against achieving these very goals and in fact can destroy the metabolism (the body’s engine), zap their energy and keep their bodies soft and flabby.

Here are two of these mistakes:

Hours and hours of cardio
Cardio activity is not the be-all end-all solution to fat loss. Working longer and harder will not help you lose body fat – in fact it can make you store more fat. We have gotten so mistakenly hung up on the notion of “calories burned” doing some long, slow, mind numbingly boring activity like walking, jogging or cycling that we are forcing our bodies to work against us in the fat loss battle.

The problem with doing steady state activity is that you are risking the loss of muscle and receive little to no increase in your metabolism once you stop that activity. The modern way focus’s on not how many calories you can burn per exercise session, but how many calories you burn 24-7. You already possess the most powerful fat burner – your muscle tissue that drives your metabolism, but you need to keep it strong.

So, why waste your time and energy doing activities that will do nothing to build and maintain your fat burning tissue and in fact can cause you to lose that muscle tissue? Strength training exercise is the only exercise that will give you greater fat burning power and if you are not doing it you are missing out on truly getting into great shape.

Not strength training
You can hear them collectively saying, but, “I don’t want to bulk up; I just want to get toned”. But let us think about what you are saying here. Toned is the wrong word as it simply means you have shed the body fat that once covered your muscles – so we can see your muscle definition. Firm muscle is what gives your body a lean, tight shape. You become a smaller person, not larger.

And you will not bulk up like a man. Women simply do not have the hormones to get “bulky” nor, typically do they spend enough time working out to look anything other than lean, toned, firm and healthy. The only reason some women feel like they look bulky is because they have excess body fat while building muscle, but are not eating in a way that supports the loss of that body fat.

The fat is what makes a woman larger, not the firm little bit of fat burning muscle tissue underneath all that fat. So don’t blame the muscle as it is your very best friend. The quickest way to get smaller is to get stuck into your strength training program and drop a jeans size in no time.

If muscle makes you squirm, then you had better get used to a thin, soft, saggy and flabby body. For lean, toned, strong, healthy, fit bodies have low body fat levels and a high percentage of lean muscle tissue.

Instead of wasting time on things that can’t ever possibly work try strength training exercise and start letting your body work for you so you can finally achieve the dream body you would love to live in.

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