Food Cravings and Where They Come From


Food cravings are a very uncomfortable need for a certain food. There are multiple reasons for food cravings, but the most common is a lack of proper nutrition. Even though we are taught, from childhood, about the nutrition pyramid and food proportioning, it is not inbred enough to continue a healthy eating pattern throughout life. Additionally, the food pyramid is not necessarily accurate, but that is beside the point.

Our bodies, and how they work, are complicated. The one thing that is not is the fact that everyone needs a certain amount of particular vitamins and minerals in order for their bodies to thrive and functional properly – and to be healthy.

Many individuals are not educated on proper nutrition; therefore, miss the fact that their bodies need certain types of foods. This is where the majority of food cravings come from.
Here is what happens. Your body tries to tell you what it needs, what it is lacking, through food cravings. Rather than interpreting this as a lack of iron or other vitamin, it comes across as you needing a particular food. Until you give yourself the mineral or vitamin that your body is lacking, the cravings will continue to get worse. If you fill the craving with a food – rather than the proper nutrient – you only temporarily satisfy the need. You also begin the creation of a very bad habit.

The interpretation of what your body needs is nearly impossible without being properly educated on what your body needs. Blood sugars, for example. Unless you have diabetes, you may not have any idea how a low, high, or normal blood sugar can affect you. Low blood sugar is actually one of the main causes for food cravings. Your body needs starchy foods, but most people will fill this need with foods rich in sugar.

With weight loss becoming such an epidemic, and millions of people dieting, food cravings are actually becoming worse. Most diets do not include the proper nutritional value that your body needs, leaving it starving for proper minerals and vitamins. This need is then communicated through these same cravings, and filled with temporary fixes. This is actually one of the main reason diets do not work, or as soon as you get off a diet, you gain the weight right back.

It is an endless – vicious – cycle. Your body needs proper nutrition to survive; however, it cannot communicate this need through proper methods. You can stop food cravings, and begin to feeding your body properly today. Find out exactly what you can do, step-by-step, to treat get yourself into a healthy state!

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