Your Metabolism Is the Key to Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals


It seems that many people these days are either on some sort of diet or would like to lose weight and this is a big part of their fitness goals. One word that is frequently used in relation to weight loss is metabolism and is often blamed when someone becomes overweight.

If you think your metabolism has slowed down you may well be right. If you yourself have slowed down with your activity level and are over the age of 25 you will most definitely have a reduced metabolic engine size.

You see your metabolism is the rate your body burns fuel. It ticks over 24/7 and is the foundation for the amount of fuel your body uses for day to day functions and governs how much of your intake of calories are stored in the form of body fat.

Long term success managing your weight starts with the right approach. If you are overweight, the real problem is that you have too much body fat for how much muscle tissue you possess. This problem is a body composition issue not a body fat issue.
The solution to correct this must contain a means to replace the muscle tissue that has been lost so you can burn off the excess fat.

One of the newest approaches to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight focuses on boosting the metabolism through a proper exercise program done 2-3 times per week. Exercise and eating right can rev up your metabolic rate, which means your body will burn more calories – even at rest.

Make sure you get help from a fitness professional at your local gym to set up your program and get you started off on the right path. If you put on just one or two kilos of body-shaping muscle it will have a huge impact on your metabolism. For every kilogram of muscle you put on, your metabolism increases by around 100 calories per day and over a few weeks this can help burn up a substantial amount of body fat.

So even though your bodyweight may not change substantially, your body composition has because you have increased your muscle mass and lost body fat. This is a better approach to getting rid of that unwanted fat than starving it off. You will be able to turn your body into a more efficient fat burning machine and will soon be in better shape in no time at all.

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