Understanding Your Body, Its Cravings and Meeting Your Needs


Your body is a complicated piece of art. Trying to fully understand it and why it needs particular nutrients and chemicals, let alone how it works, would take a life time. One thing is for sure, your body needs nutrients in order to thrive properly.

There are many causes to food cravings, stemming from lack of nutrition, external pressures, stress, and sadly enough, habit. Like any other habit, you can very easily become accustomed to eating a certain way. As silly as it may sound, curbing this type of habit – just like any other – is extremely difficult and can even cause withdrawals.
However, you are not alone if you are struggling with food cravings. Today’s society, and our busy lives, has led many to fall into this downward spiral. We have become a society that eats based on convenience, ease, and inexpensive – making these cravings and habits even harder to break.

While learning to, and fighting, these cravings is not an easy task, there is hope. Implementing an exercise program, into your daily life, can help you to curb the cravings and habits that you have created. A good combination of cardio and strength training is your best “out”, but keep in mind, that you want your strength training to be around 60% of your routine.

Yes, cardio builds your heart, lungs, and helps you to burn fat. However, proper strength training regimens allow your body to burn additional fatty tissue that has built up around your muscles and increases the rate at which your metabolism functions. Raising your metabolism actually increases the amount of calories that you will burn throughout the day!

In addition, strength training programs not only build your muscles, they make them lean. Building strong lean muscles, not only increases your metabolism, but gives you more energy – allowing you to workout, live, and enjoy life even longer.

As with cardio, strength training also strengthens the heart muscle and has been proven to help prevent heart disease. (Depending on your particular food cravings, you could be in grave danger of damaging your heart – one of the many long term effects of unhealthy eating.) Even if you are satisfying your cravings, a proper exercise training program will eliminate the chances of long term health issues.

You are not alone – and there is hope. Whether your food cravings have control over your body or not, you can implement an exercise program, and begin to take control of your life – and body – again!

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