The Connection To Exercise and Food Cravings


If you have food cravings you may already realize that there is a problem. You may even already know that you are not eating healthy and need to improve your nutrition to make the food cravings stop. Furthermore, you may have already taken steps to reduce the food cravings by eating healthier, drinking plenty of vegetable juice, and making sure you have a well balanced diet.

Along with that you should be eating at regular intervals, not starving yourself in the hopes of loosing weight, watching that you eat healthy natural foods, and eliminating the highly processed, high sugar, fat, and salt foods. However, while doing all that are you getting enough exercise as well? Exercise is just as important in stopping the food cravings permanently and staying on a healthier, happier life.

Since many foods cravings can be caused by stress, emotional needs, and the mood we are in, adding exercise to your life regularly will help reduce these cravings. When we exercise we will be relieving stress, anxiety, and even unused energy because our body releases chemicals through the process of exercise. We release endorphins while exercising which will elevate our mood and keep our body in balance as well.

The endorphins are released directly into our blood stream and will keep the cravings away, since our body is then receiving what it needs through food and exercise. Keep in mind while exercising that there does need to be a balance of 50/50 between strength training and cardio training. Your body does need both to improve your lungs and heart and also improve your muscle tone and eliminate the weight as well. Also, if you are not sure how to train or where to start check into a local gym or personal trainer to help you get on the correct plan when you begin exercising.

As your exercising your body will need even more healthy foods and it will become even more important to stick to your healthy eating routine. When you work out, you do use energy, vitamins, and minerals and these will need to be replaced. Do not eat less or try to cut back on essential foods to keep yourself going. Many people believe if they work out and exercise and begin eliminating foods and eating less, that they will lose more weight and get in shape faster. Unfortunately, just the opposite happens.

Their body feeds off of itself to replace what it is losing through working out and exercising. What usually happens is the food cravings come right back. Your body falls back into the routine of needing and wanting quick foods to replace what it has lost.

Keep in mind, that limiting your body in either direction too much, with no exercise or unhealthy eating will lead to the food cravings. So stick to the healthy eating and exercise and you will see results. The food cravings will stop, you will lose unwanted weight, you will gain strength and muscle, as well as a healthier, happier mind and body.

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