Lose Weight Without Dieting


A diet is, by definition is ‘food or drink regularly consumed’; however, is also defined as the process of “eating sparingly” for the purposes of weight loss. Many people, these days, hear the word diet and it is an automatic reaction to assume someone will be changing the how much they eat in order to lose weight. It is time to start looking at diet in a different manner, the way it was originally meant – day-to-day nourishment.

The bad thing about this new definition of diet is that your mind plays tricks on you. As soon as you say, you are going on a diet you automatically become more hungry and start eating and behaving in ways that are out of the norm. Having said this, what you eat over a period of a day, a week, a month – whatever – is your diet – it is the food, nourishment, vitamins, and minerals that you put into your body.

Now is the time to take control of your body and mind, eliminate the negative definition of diet, train your brain (and body) what a diet really is! (Yes, it is a mind trick and it really does work!) Once you get this out of the way, you are well on your way to losing weight! There are two ways to lose weight without dieting in that negative manner. The first would be in to intake less than your burn, and the second is to burn more than you intake. (Intake means the number of calories that you eat or drink (consume) in a given day.)

The ideal weight loss program would include both – physical activity to burn excess calories with a diet that allows you to be fully nourished with less calorie intake. Taking in or consuming fewer calories than you burn, is when starvation can come into play if you are not careful. So, taking in less calories does not mean that you need to eat less, it means watch what you are eating.

Some good examples here, instead of having a bagel for snack, have a bowl of fruit; instead of ice cream after dinner, have a popsicle; don’t use cream based salad dressings, instead use low fat, non-cream, dressings like Italian (there are many). As you can see, change what you eat – change your food to lower calorie foods and you still get to eat and are not harming yourself by the lack of nutrition (like most diets today do).

The second part of this equation is exercise. You can actually lose weight even if you continue to eat high fat and calorie foods but you exercise to the point that you are burning more than you are consuming. Regardless, physical activity is crucial to your overall health, not to just losing weight. Walking, running, strength training, stretching all play a big role in heart health, circulation, joints, and many other health related topics! So make sure that you are getting enough physical activity to increase your health, and if you are trying to lose weight at the same time, bump it up a notch.

Yes, you can lose weight without dieting! Lessen the number of calories you consume each day and ensure that you are physically active! Each one – on its own – will help you to lose weight. The combination of the two will help you lose weight quickly, along with make you a healthier you!

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