How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight


There are three key reasons why people work out; (1) they need or want to lose weight, (2) they are insistent on living a healthier life, or (3) they simply enjoy it. Those who enjoy eating healthy and working out stay motivated by sheer desire. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the other 2/3 of the population.

Staying motivated, when trying to lose weight, is difficult for many individuals, even if you want to lose weight rather than need to. Even when you make a conscious decision to change your eating habits and are determined to stick to a personal fitness plan, you will have your down days as we all do.

There are many motivational sayings you could post around your house, but when you are at the gym or running around the block, this is not visible. Moreover, this may work for some but not for others. First thing to know is that everyone is different when it comes to motivation – just as they are with every other aspect of life. Therefore, the trick is finding what motivates you and stick with it.

Many people are driven by competition. If this is the case – for you – find a friend you can work out with or something that you are working against and have the chance to win. Put competition into your workout to keep you wanting more. Others find music motivational. Everyone’s taste in music is different, but once you find that music that makes you move faster, you may find this is a good motivational technique.

Goals are another form of motivation. Set small realistic goals, goals that are small enough that you can reach them in short periods of time. These sorts of goals keep some motivated for the simple fact that every two weeks they are accomplishing something great. As long as the goals are realistic, they can help to push you on those days you just do not want to get out of bed.

As silly as it may sound, using your overall health as motivation, does work for many people. With every work out you are building up your heart, along with other pertinent parts of your body, which will increase your chances of living a healthier, longer life. Even if you are working out to lose weight, you are still working towards a healthier, happier you.

Losing weight is not the greatest motivator out there, but no one can tell you what the best motivator for you is; this is something everyone has to figure out on their own. Try the motivational techniques in this article, or use them to brainstorm, and find your motivation. Whatever you do, do not get discouraged, it may take time to find that one thing that pushes you further than you through you could go.

Nevertheless, once you find it, hold onto it, and do not let it go – just like your dreams of losing weight and becoming healthy!

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