Help, I Need To Lose Weight in a Hurry


You have been through this before, a friends wedding or some other important occasion is looming up soon and you can’t fit into that suit or dress because you have put on weight. So you decide you must lose at least ten or more pounds in a hurry.

You have already heard that losing weight quickly is not a good option as most of the loss on the scales will be water and precious fat burning muscle tissue. Common sense tells you that as you have put the weight on slowly (probably over years) you should take it off slowly so then the majority of the weight loss will be pure body fat and no other tissue or fluid.

But you have a problem here and the clock is ticking so you will have cut way back on food and diet pretty hard to meet your target weight loss. Let us look at that first. We all know by now surely that diets don’t work 98 percent of the time. They send the body into starvation mode, a survival mechanism from thousands of years ago when humans faced periods of famine and the body had to protect itself.

Going too low in calories causes the body to lower its metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fuel), which reduces its ability to burn body fat. At the same time, uncontrollable hunger signals increase and you crave high-energy foods loaded with fats and sugar. The very same foods you are trying to cut down on. This situation makes for misery.

And to make matters worse every time we go on a restricted diet will in fact make it harder to lose weight in the future. You also make it more likely you will store more body fat when you ‘fall off’ the diet and return to your old eating habits. This will cause you to not only regain the body fat you may have just lost, but you will regain some extra as well. Not a formula for weight loss success.

There really is no way to lose body fat fast no matter what you read or believe. If you only have a few weeks to get into better shape you can still do a lot in preparation and if you do it correctly you may still squeeze into that outfit without doing any long term damage to your metabolic engine.

You still need to do the same things for fast fat loss and you would do for long term slower fat loss. You need to strength train with enough effort put in to raise your metabolism and you need to eat enough high quality food to support that program. Your body will still only lose so much body fat in a short time but it may be enough to keep you happy.

Your exercise program will need to be reasonably intense to get an immediate metabolism boost so seek the help of a fitness professional to make sure your program is safe and effective. If done correctly you will still only need 2-3 sessions each week. Add 2-3 interval training sessions as well. These are short burst of activity followed by longer slower periods to allow recovery. These bursts are repeated 8-12 times.

You should be eating 5-7 small meals each day every 2-3 hours and include at least 20 grams of protein. This will keep your metabolism boosted and give you enough energy so you can burn off as much body fat as possible. Remember you have to eat well to lose fat.

When your special occasion is over keep your new eating and exercise program going so you will never be in this position again. Use this lesson and the negative feelings you felt such as despair and frustration when you couldn’t fit your clothes to propel your motivation to make some changes in your lifestyle. Make sure the next time you get an invite to a celebration you will be good and ready.

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