Get Your Entire Family Fit With Just A Few Daily Changes


Obesity has become a frightening epidemic in today’s society; this is why there are hundreds of diet pills and diets, which push your emotional buttons to buy their products. We all know these emotional buttons are the weight buttons. As we fill our days with errands, work, extracurricular activity, and more, there is no time to focus on healthy living. Ignoring healthy living and letting these corporate diets get to us are two of the main causes for obesity today!

First off, ignore all of the fad diets, weight loss programs, and diet pills. Many diets will actually starve your body of proper nutrition and will put you in worse shape than you are now. Diet pills and many weight loss programs are only temporary solutions to a permanent situation and should be avoided.

Secondly, focus on your entire family, not just on yourself. Yes, you may be the one that wants to become healthy or feels that you need to lose some weight. Your family – and you – will be thankful that you got to that point and did something about it. Focusing only on your weight and health will cause this epidemic to carry into younger generations. The only way to change this is to change the way your family lives their life!

First things first, talk to you family about the fact that you are going to begin the process of becoming healthier and building stronger hearts. Tell them the steps that you are going to do to get them there. Also, tell them why this is important. For kids, you do not want to focus on the weight issue, as this is not the issue at all and it will kill their self-esteem. Instead focus on the benefits of a new lifestyle – the avoidance of many diseases, a stronger heart, longer life, more enjoyable life because you feel better, etc.

First things first, start replacing the foods – in your house – with healthier foods. Replace white breads with whole grain breads, replace tortillas with pita pockets, replace white rice for brown rice, and so-on. At first, this may be a tedious, expensive, and mundane project. If you split it up over time, replacing your staples with the healthier staples, you will not notice a big price difference, nor will it be so mundane.

Secondly, fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. Start having a portion of each with every meal. Depending on your kids’ ages you may have to help them prepare their lunches – if you’re not already. While doing this, brag about how everyone in the family is eating the same foods for lunch (they will see the change at dinner). This is actually another step in the process, stop eating out, cook dinner at home, and sit start eating together. This not only builds a healthier family physically, but emotionally as well.

Finally, start taking a walk every night, after dinner, with the entire family. Begin by walking around the block and – every couple of days – make the walk a bit longer by adding another street.The combination of these steps will help you to lose any weight you are dying to get off you, and it will make you and your family healthier stronger as individuals and as a unit.

Diet and exercise are the two keys to living a healthy long life, let your family benefit from this knowledge as well, change the way your family lives today!

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