Creating a Healthier You


We all know that cardio exercise is important for our heart and overall health. However, what many do not seem to know is how important strength training is to your body. Implementing a strength training program, which covers about 60% of your daily work out, will have benefits that many cannot even imagine.

Whether you’re currently working on a cardio plan or not, the inevitable is that, as you get older your muscles begin to deteriorate and your metabolism becomes slower. In addition, connective tissue starts to wear and joint pain – also known as arthritis – begins to increase. Any cardio plan will help to keep your heart healthy and will help you burn calories; however, without proper strength training you will – undoubtedly – run into some or all of these issues.

Strength training regiments create lean muscles, throughout the muscle groups that you’re working – it’s important to work each muscle group for this particular reason! Strength training also lessens your chances of joint paints as it creates strong connective tissues along with an improved bone density. The combination of these benefits will help you age more gracefully!

You will not see physical results immediately after implementing a strength training routine. However, shortly after, the internal effects of strength training will begin to take place – leaner muscles and increased metabolism. As you continue down a healthy program, you will begin to see the physical effects as well. Consider this, the combination of lean muscles along with an increased metabolism, there is no way this will not become physically apparent. Your muscles will become more defined, and the “fatty” areas of your body will become slimmer!

You may think that because you are physically active, with cardio exercise, and because you eat well or diet frequently, that you will have the body you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s the problem, when dieting and running constant cardio programs, you body does burn calories – okay that doesn’t sound like a problem, but it is. As you lose weight, through these programs, the majority of the weight is actually lost from muscle. But to keep a high metabolism and strong body, you need this muscle, starving them is not the right way to live a long and prosperous life!

Implementing a strength training program – as at least 60% of your workout – into any daily routine, will allow you to increase your muscle mass. This increased muscle mass will raise your metabolism and help you burn the calories that you’re attempting to burn with diets and excessive cardio workouts. There is no replacement for a properly structured strength training program in anyone’s life!

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