Change Your Lifestyle Before it is Too Late!


There are many dangerous side effects to not taking care of yourself – being healthy – throughout your life. Your body needs certain nutrients and minerals along with physical activity in order to stay healthy – or become healthy. Your internal organs need these minerals and activities as well.

Staying or becoming healthy does not mean that you should be skinny, and weigh the “ideal” weight for your height. Nor does it mean that you BMI – on online BMI calculators – should be within a certain range. It does not mean that you should diet one after another either.

Staying – or becoming – healthy means that you eat the right kinds of foods, and get a certain amount of physical activity – every single day. Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins are the best foods for you and your body. Each of these foods has certain nutrients and vitamins that you body needs in order for it to function properly. (In order to get a healthy mix of vitamins, you must eat a mix of vegetables and fruits – not just one kind all the time.)

In addition to eating the right foods, there is actually a right way to eat. We are all taught that you should eat 3 meals a day; however, this is changing very quickly. Eating 3 meals a day actually allows your body to get a little overly hungry by the next meal. This excess hunger causes your body to store the fats and sugars from that meal, which turns into fat on your body.

The proper way to eat is to not allow yourself to get too hungry. Eating 5-6 smaller portioned meals, throughout the day, allows your body to process food more naturally and much quicker. This process keeps your internal organs functioning as designed, along with keeping you healthier.

Portions, as mentioned above, are also very important. Unfortunately, many people were raised with “finish everything on your plate”. This is fine as long as you are not stuffing yourself to do so. In order to avoid stuffing yourself, put smaller portions in front of you and eat slower. Taking your time eating allows your body to properly process the food and send full signals to your brain before you’re past that point. Lessening your portion size lessens your temptation to keep eating simply because it is good or because it is inbred in you.

Throughout any given day, your body naturally burns calories, which is totally dependent upon the amount of physical activity you get. To stay healthy, you need to push yourself beyond daily physical activity. Implement a personal fitness plan that allows you to walk, bike, swim, lift weights, etc every single day. This excess activity increases your lean muscle mass, strengthens your heart, and lessens your chances of becoming extremely ill later in life

Combine a proper healthy diet with exercise program with your everyday life and you will see and feel the difference! It has actually been proven, in some cases where people had certain diseases that the threat of these diseases dramatically lessened with such lifestyle changes. Don’t wait until it is to late – change your lifestyle today!

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