3 Proven Strategies for Accelerating Your Fat Loss Results


How long have you been searching for the answers for successful body fat loss? You have probably found out by now or are in the process of realizing that starving yourself, spending hours and hours in the gym and running yourself into the ground doesn’t quite add up to a lean, firm body.

There a some simple and proven techniques that will accelerate your fat loss efforts and none of them involve starving yourself or doing endless, mind numbing, boring, long, slow cardio exercise.

1.) Strength training – The number one tool for fat loss is using proper strength training exercise that maintains and tones muscle tissue. This special type of exercise works on the premise of raising the metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel) every minute of every day 24/7. Muscle tissue is where fat is burned for energy so muscle is your friend and the more toned muscle you have on your body the higher your metabolic rate.

To measure progress make sure you don’t trust the bathroom scales to give you this information. A body composition test (muscle/fat ratio) is what is needed and can be obtained from your local gym or fitness center.

2.) Nutrition- To exercise intensely enough to achieve your fat loss goals it is important to eat enough good food to support your higher activity level. Dieting is dead and any eating plan that focus’s on strict reduction of calories will mess up your mind and punish your soul.

The new better way to do it is to eat 5-6 small meals per day starting with breakfast within an hour of waking and continuing every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Each small meal must be balanced and contain protein at each meal (20g-30g for woman and 30g-40g for men). Use natural whole foods as much as possible.

3.) High Intensity Interval Training – Old fashioned, long, slow, boring cardio exercise has been proven to yield little in the way of fat loss results. Try adding short, fast bursts (30 seconds to 1 minute) of speed in whatever cardio exercise you are doing. Repeat 4–6 times a couple of times each week and watch the body fat disappear.

Well, there you have it three proven fool proof strategies that when used together will accelerate your fat loss efforts. Implement them and you will be amazed at how quickly you will burn off that unwanted body fat revealing a lean, mean, firm body.

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