Why Are You Not Meeting Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals?


When you know you need to get going and get some exercise to help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals do you sometimes find reasons why you shouldn’t do it?
Here are some most common reasons:

“I don’t have the energy.” No matter how you feel initially, you are likely to feel better within just a few minutes of starting to exercise. These good feelings usually last long after the exercise is finished too. Exercise increases your strength and stamina, and helps you sleep better so you will become more productive and feel great.

“I’ll start exercising when I’ve lost some of this weight.” Doing any kind of extra physical activity uses additional calories and builds your metabolism. In addition, exercise reduces cravings and curbs your appetite by raising your endorphins (“feel good chemicals”) and serotonin levels (“calm chemicals”). Besides, if you don’t exercise while you are losing weight, you may lose fat and muscle. It may become gradually harder to lose weight – and almost impossible to keep it off!

“I’m so out of shape – I don’t even know where to begin!” You have to start somewhere – so start where you are! There is no such thing as instant fitness. If you start this week by increasing your activity level, little by little, three months from now you will be leaner, stronger, more energetic, and healthier. If you choose not to start, then don’t be surprised if you are exactly the same (or worse) than you are today!

“I was doing pretty well until I got sick (or busy or visitors came or I went on vacation…)” Quitting your exercise program because you missed a day, a week, or even longer makes as much sense as eating the whole packet of biscuits because you ate three!

No person and no schedule are ever perfect. If this is going to become part of your life, you need to be as consistent but as flexible as possible.

What are your other negative thoughts and attitudes about exercise? Can you counter them in a positive way? Instead of saying, “exercise is boring”, say, “being active gives me the opportunity to relieve stress, feel better and will help me reach my fitness and weight loss goals. If you say these sorts of things often enough, pretty soon you will have reprogrammed your thoughts and mind and will see yourself as the fit, active and slim person you want to be.

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