Top 3 Fitness Blunders Which Put the Brakes on Your Progress


Just like the popular fashion show ‘ What NOT to Wear’ you are about to find out ‘What NOT to Do’ if your goal is to boost your metabolism (your body’s engine), shed body fat and achieve your health/fitness goals in the shortest possible time.

Get ready because I am about to call you out on the top three fitness program blunders you could be making that can slow your metabolism, zap your energy and keep your body soft and flabby.

1.) Hours of Cardio – Cardio type activity (like walking, jogging or cycling) is not the be-all end-all solution to body fat loss. Working longer and harder will not help you lose fat – in fact it has now been proven it can make you store more. We have gotten hung up on the notion of ‘calories burned’ in the past. This causes us to obsessively look for ways to increase calorie burn in the hopes that we are also burning greater amounts of body fat.

Unfortunately you are only risking the loss of precious muscle tissue and receive little to no boost to your metabolism (your fat burning machinery) once you stop. The real secret lies in not how many calories you can burn per session, but how many calories you burn after the session and every single minute of the day and night.

You may not know it but you already possess the most powerful fat burner – your muscle tissue. So why would you torture and punish yourself and risk the loss of your fat burning potential? Toss the notion of long, slow bouts of cardio out the window. Intensity (degree of difficultly and effort) is the key to getting the most out of your cardio sessions in the least amount of time. So revamp your cardio program with new, energizing short burst interval training either indoors or outdoors.

2.) Target the Trouble Spots – Toned arms and visible lean abdominals are not created by some ‘magic’ exercise that mysteriously melts fat off a particular area of the body. It is time to banish the ‘spot reduction myth’ once and for all. There simply is no one exercise that will rid your body parts of unsightly fat. That is not how the human body works. If you want to lose body fat, you instead need to challenge all of the muscles in your body to boost your metabolism, so you lose fat all over.

3.) Resistant to Resistance Training? – “I don’t want to get big or bulk up; I just want to get toned”. Let us think about what you are saying here as being toned, simply means you have shed the fat that once covered your muscles – so we can see your muscle definition. Muscle tissue is what gives your body a lean, firm shape.

No, you will not ever bulk up like a man. Women simply do not have the hormones necessary to get “bulky” nor, typically do they spend enough time with weights to look anything other than lean, toned and firm. The only reason some women feel like they look bulky is because they have excess body fat while building muscle. This is because they are not eating in a way that causes and supports the loss of body fat.

As muscle tissue takes up less space than fat the absolutely quickest way to drop a jeans size is to incorporate strength training exercise into your fitness routine. And if lean, toned muscle tissue makes you cringe, then you need to get used to a thin, soft, flabby body. For lean, toned and healthy bodies have a low body percentage and a lot of lean muscle tissue.

Instead of working hours on end month after month (or longer) for little if any results try eliminating these fitness blunders from your program and start letting your body work for you and with you to achieve your fitness and fat loss goals.

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