The Road to Wellness Through Physical Fitness


Being fit is an essential part of life. Without physical activity, your muscles and overall bodily functions become weak. Physical fitness fits into everyone’s life in a different manner. Some have time and money to join gyms, others have home gyms, and some focus their fitness routines on nature (i.e. running outdoors).

Coming up with excuses why you cannot fit a fitness plan into your daily routine is just an avoidance of the topic. Whether this comes from laziness or fear, the excuses should be stopped. Everyone needs some sort of physical activity in his or her lives. Implementing fitness routines are as simple as being creative and possibly doing some research.

There are multiple parts to proper physical fitness, all of which are fairly simple to understand and implement.

Cardiovascular: These exercises are to improve oxygen flow and heart rate. Examples of good cardiovascular exercises are running, walking, bike riding, and swimming. Overtime your endurance will become stronger and you will be able to go further distances in shorter periods.

Muscle Strength: This is a measure of force that a particular muscle group can exert. Your muscular strength can be tested and improved through weight-training routines.

Muscle Endurance: This is the measure of how long muscle groups can sustain contraction and expansion. Good examples of these types of exercises are pushups and pull-ups.

Flexibility: This is a measure of how far your joints and muscle groups can be stretched. Each muscle group is measured with different exercise. A good example is reaching your toes while in a standing position. This measures flexibility in your lower back, upper, and lower legs.

If you are going to implement these four target areas, on your own, it is suggested that you focus on different areas on different days. For example, cardiovascular activities Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; muscle strength on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (alternating muscle groups); flexibility every couple of days – stretching all key muscle groups and joints; and muscle endurance activities can be done every day as well or on the days you do your cardiovascular exercises.

These are just some tips to help you get started with a good plan. There are many different exercises that can easily be done from home. Implementing a proper personal fitness plan is not as difficult as it appears. It may seem intimidating, but once you create a habit – 2 weeks – it will be second nature to you. Remember the benefits – your overall health will improve and your confidence levels will boost!

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