Sweat Your Way To Weight Loss


We all know that you cannot eat everything you set eyes on and not gain some weight; as well, you cannot try to lose weight without changing the way you eat. The real downfall to eating like this is that it is much easier to gain weight that it is to lose it.

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume; the more calories you consume, the longer and more intense your workouts must be. Yes, you can lose weight by working out, but you must first stop eating everything you set eyes on. Eating a properly balanced diet, one full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients (eliminate fat and processed sugar intake) will get you o the right path to a lifetime of good health and proper weight!

Now on to exercising, you could join a gym, a local neighborhood group, or create a workout program at home. They all work the same; the only difference is mainly the cost. Pick an environment that you enjoy and that you are comfortable with, this keeps you motivated and makes you want to work out! (Motivation and drive are the two keys to starting and sticking with a workout program.)

If you decide to go to the gym, you may get a personal trainer. If you go this route, tell them what you ultimate goals are, and they will help you set up an ideal program. If you are like the majority of the population, this is not an option and you will be working out at home or without a personal trainer.

There are three key pieces to a proper personal fitness program – (1) cardiovascular, (2) strength training, and (3) stretching. Cardiovascular exercises are perfect for burning calories, raising your metabolism, and increasing your hearts’ strength. Strength training builds lean muscles, which in turn, increase your metabolism and make you stronger. Stretching increases circulation and ensures that your muscles do not pull and lock while doing the other pieces of your new personal fitness program!

Stretching is crucial to muscle health in circulation! Before you do any exercise, make sure you stretch the muscle groups that you are going to use. For example, if you are running, you will need to focus your stretching on your legs, but must stretch the muscles in your upper body as well. Make sure you do a good 5-minute stretch before you exercise. Cardiovascular exercise can be anything – that you enjoy – that increases your heart rate for 20 minutes. So, pick your favorite activity – riding a bike, walking, running, swimming – and do this a minimum of 3 days a week but no more than six.

Strength training should be done with a spotter, especially if you are using heavier weights; you can use free weights as well – this will depend on your end goals! Remember, you’re not building bulk, but strength. Repetitions should alter – every other day – for different muscle groups. For example, say you run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Use weights on your upper body on these days and lower body on alternating days. Stretch again at the end of every single workout with the same concept as before – focus on the muscles you just used but ensure that you stretch everything!

So now, you have a good idea as to how to sweat to lose weight. Make sure you pick activities and settings that you enjoy – motivation is crucial to a successful personal training program. Do not quit once you lose your weight, you have already made it a habit now, keep it up for a healthier, longer, life and to maintain your new healthy weight!

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