Start Feeling Younger with Proper Foods and Exercise


Weight gain, over time, will put a stress not only on your body, but emotionally as well. Stress causes many unhealthy side effects along with have affecting your physical appearance. The combination of weight gain and stress makes individuals look older, or more worn, than they really are. As you notice this change, it will likely cause more stress along with a hit to your self-esteem – it is an endless unhealthy cycle. Only you can change this. You have the ability to change your lifestyle, lose some weight, relieve yourself of stress, and begin to take the years off!

As you’ve probably heard and read a million times, becoming healthier and looking younger consists of eating foods full of vitamins and nutrients, and exercise on a regular basis. The combination of these two things will give you body the necessary nutrients and energy that it needs to function properly. Even if you do not lose weight with this change, you will feel better about yourself. This boost in self-esteem will lessen the amount of emotional stress you are experiencing, and you will begin to look younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

So eating healthy does not mean that you should count every single calorie and measure everything that you eat. Instead, there are a few tricks – to proper eating – that are fairly easy to learn and to implement. First off, eat smaller portions, eat slowly, and stop eating when you are full. Cutting down portion sizes helps to eliminate the need to eat simply because it is in front of you – if it isn’t on your plate you are not tempted to eat it. Slower eating gives your body time to digest the food and send signals to your brain that it is full. Finally, everything you eat after you are full is excess fat that you are putting on your body – eliminate this excess by stopping when you’re full.

With the smaller portions, you may find that you get hungry more often throughout the day – this is normal. Allow yourself to eat 5 – 6 times a day; this will actually speed up your metabolism, which will help you to burn some excess fat. Additionally, eating this often, and eating the right foods, you are giving you body sufficient nutrients and calories to produce energy and function properly. You will naturally begin to feel better about yourself when you body begins to function healthier. Foods like vegetables, fruits, oats, protein, and water are ideal for weight loss, becoming healthier, feeling younger, and building self-esteem – focus on these foods.

Finally, after working on a proper meal plan, start exercising on a regular basis. Whether you join a gym, walk around the block, ride a bike, or even do yoga – you need to experience physical activity on a regular basis. Exercise increases your overall health, boosts your metabolism, and overall makes you feel good about who you are. You should implement a program that consists of both cardiovascular exercise and free weights.

Cardiovascular exercise is great for building a strong heart and burning excess calories. Weights build muscle, muscle increases metabolism, and burns more calories than fat does. The combination of the two makes for an incredible you.

Everyone ages – taking care of yourself through proper diet and exercise will help reduce the physical effects of aging and keep you looking young and vibrant. The healthier you are – from the inside out – the better you will feel and look. Want that celebrity look where everyone turns his or her head when you walk by – get healthy!

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