Look Younger With Your Own Personal Fitness Plan


Looking younger is all about how well you take care of yourself and how good you feel about yourself! Ok, a little piece of the way you look is genetics, but a lot of it can be controlled with how you live your life. Losing weight, eating right, and participating in daily physical activity will keep your body healthy and happy, will boost your self-esteem, and will give you that young glow that everyone dreams of!

First things first, in a personal fitness plan, you must make sure that you include cardiovascular activity, stretching and strength training. Without a combination of these three techniques, your body will be missing a crucial part of the workout and you could end up hurting yourself rather than helping.

Cardiovascular exercises are those that increase your heart rate like running, walking (briskly), swimming, biking, and other activities. The ideal home plan would be to include 20 – 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises – at a minimum – every other day but not more than six days in one week.

Stretching is another important piece to a proper work out. Whether you are running or lifting weights, your muscles are contracting and need to be stretched. Let’s say, for example, you are going to run for a mile. You know that your calf and shin muscles are going to be worked hard – along with other muscles. If you ignore your calf and shin, and do not stretch before and after, you could likely get a charley horse or even shin splints. Yes, stretching is crucial – without you will hurt yourself!

The final piece to this triangle is strength training – not bulk muscle building. You will need to do quick repetitions, with light weights, every other day – on the same muscle group that is. Meaning, fronts of your arms and legs one day, and the backs the next day and keep alternating. Unless you want to build mass, do not do excessive weight or back-to-back days on the same muscle groups! (Yes you’ll want to stretch before and after strength training as well.)

Okay, so for those who need a little more guidance, here is a good plan (fill in with exercises of your choice). Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – (1) stretch, (2) run for 25 min, (3) light weights on upper body, and finally (4) stretch. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – (1) stretch, (2) walk for 25 min, (3) light weights on lower body, and (4) stretch.

As you can see, this is a personal fitness plan that you can easily do from your own home without having to spend a lot of money of time (you might have to buy free weights). This entire program would take about an hour of your time, and could easily be done in the mornings before you get going for your day. If you want to look younger – get fit! Your confidence will shine through and take years off of your face and body!

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