How You Can Burn More Body Fat In Less Time


Reliance on cardio exercise (walking, jogging or cycling type of activity) for fat-loss is like taking a lawnmower in the Indy 500. It is possibly the least efficient method that you could use if you wish to lose weight. Those with limited exercise time (less than 6 hours a week) should never; ever waste a single solitary minute doing this over-hyped and inefficient form of physical activity if losing fat is the goal.

No one except bodybuilders who are dialing-in for the last stages for a competition should be using cardio activity for fat-loss. For everyone else it is a complete and utter waste of time and energy compared to more intense, efficient and effective modes of proper exercise like strength training.

Do not believe the misleading hype. While it is true that cardio activity burns extra calories, and you must create an energy debt to burn fat. It is not true that cardio activity is an efficient way to burn off extra energy. In fact, it is the absolute least efficient mode of activity possible to burn extra calories.

All physical activity, even standing in line at the supermarket burns calories above your resting metabolic rate (RMR) which is what you burn if you were to be on total bed rest. In addition, standing in line will actually burn a higher percentage of calories from fat than jogging in the mythical “fat burning zone” ever will.

If you do 30 minutes ‘on the bike’ you get essentially a 30 minute increase in the rate your burn fuel (calories) which is way better than sitting on the couch watching television. But if you were to spend those same 30 minutes strength training you would:

1.) Burn significantly more calories during the actual exercise session itself.

2.) Create a very significant metabolic boost (the rate your body burns fuel) for the next 12 -24 hours from your high intensity workout. You can never get this effect from low to moderate endurance type activity.

3.) Create a second metabolic boost repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue to make it stronger for the next high intensity workout.

4.) Ensure you maintain or increase your metabolism for life. Every single ounce of muscle tissue you gain will burn large amounts of calories every minute of every day and night. With this extra toned muscle tissue all physical activity you do becomes more fuel demanding so you will burn more calories whatever you are doing.

Remember muscle tissue is where body fat is burned for energy so the more you have the more body fat you burn right through the day.

For the ladies, muscle is way denser than body fat. So, if you lose 5 pounds of body fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle tissue, even though on the bathroom scales you will weigh the same you will be smaller, firmer and have a faster metabolism which will help you continue to get smaller and firmer. It is not possible to get ‘big’ as you don’t have the chemistry to do so, not now… not anytime soon… not ever.

If you do happen to do enough cardio activity to get any real progress on the bathroom scale you will probably end up burning off precious muscle tissue – meaning that you will now burn fewer calories 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.
Not a recipe for a strong, lean, firm, healthy body.

Forget the old outdated ‘fat burning zone’. While it may be true that you burn a larger total percentage of calories during lower intensity exercise, what they do not tell you is that it is a larger percentage of a much smaller number.

On top of all that you should know that cardio activity is NOT necessary for cardiovascular (heart/lung) health and fitness. You can get superior benefits from strength training exercise done at the correct level of intensity (degree of difficulty) in a lot less time and with improved muscle tone.

Get some help from a fitness professional and when you workout focus on what you are doing in your workout and work as hard as you can. When you do it this way the results will amaze and delight you as you burn more fat with so much less time.

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