Here Are the Top 5 Reasons Fitness Can Boost Weight Loss


If you have some excess pounds of body fat stored and are having trouble getting rid of it before you are tempted to diet your way out of this situation, stop and consider the fitness based alternatives.

Just for now, agree to set aside what you think you know about weight/fat loss. If what you have been doing hasn’t worked as well as you would like, a fresh approach may be just what you need.
Here, the top five reasons a fitness approach is a more effective and sustainable weight-loss solution than dieting:

Fitness revs your cellular engines to burn more fat. Inside every living cell is a little “powerhouse” that burns fuel. Toned muscle tissue contains more of these furnaces than normal cells so increasing muscle tissue will increase the amount of these and the more calories you will burn.

Fitness balances your body’s hormones. Over time, fit people experience positive hormonal changes that help keep them lose weight. Lower stress hormones, higher growth hormone (builds muscle tissue to burn fat) and lower insulin levels (controls cravings) are just a few of the hormonal benefits fitness brings.

Fitness grows on you. Unlike dieting which means deprivation which few people can tolerate for long fitness quickly becomes a way of life. The fitter and stronger you become the more you are inclined to move and seeking daily activity becomes an instinctive habit.

Fitness will give you a metabolic advantage. Fit people have more lean muscle tissue and a higher metabolism. They burn more calories every minute of every day even while restiing. This is the key to losing excess body fat and will also protect you from setbacks such as holiday binges that can skyrocket body fat levels.

Switch your thinking away from diets. Calorie skimping diets and deadly boring “calorie burning” workouts for your weight loss strategy are an old fashioned ineffective way to burn body fat. To lose weight the two most important things you can do is to start eating right and begin a proper exercise program that contains strength training.

Eating right is simple, small meals 2 -3 hours apart that include protein at each meal and are made up of natural whole foods. You need your eating plan to give you enough energy to support your exercise program.

Your exercise program needs to be set up by a fitness professional so you are not spinning your wheels wasting time doing things that will not do the job. Strength training is the most effective way to quickly boost your metabolism. This is what you need to burn that excess fat.

Try it and see for yourself!

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